Resources relating to the Harrogate Egyptian Collection
Page from the Kent catalogue
Press releases:
Press releases on the Harrogate loan announcement by Swansea University, WalesOnline, Harrogate Advertiser, and The Stray Ferret

YouTube videos:
To document the Harrogate loan, a series of eleven videos were beautifully captured and produced by Katie Greenhalf and Gary Lawson of This Film Production Ltd. These help to record some of the stories relating to the Harrogate collection that were uncovered in the first few months of the loan and can be viewed here

Causing their Names to Live Exhibition Catalogue:
During the course of the three-year loan of the Harrogate material to the Egypt Centre, three temporary exhibitions are planned. The first, which will be launched at the museum’s twenty-fifth anniversary event on the 7th October 2023, is called Causing their Names to Live. This title takes inspiration from a common vivification formula found on statues, stelae, and other objects. To accompany this exhibition, a small booklet on the collection and the objects has been produced, which can be downloaded here.

Kent Catalogue:
The unpublished Kent catalogue contains entries for 977 objects and records Egyptian, Greek, Cypriot, Roman, British, and other antiquities. In same cases, it lists the provenance or auction that they were purchased from. Harrogate Museum numbers have been written next to some of the entries, although these are not always accurate. A pdf version can be downloaded here.

Ogden List:
The Ogden list contains a brief description of 2011 objects donated by James Roberts Ogden in 1933. A pdf version can be downloaded here

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